April 5: 2Pac, Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell, Parliament

Latest installment of the 1001 Albums You Must Hear. After the ‘Songs from Big Pink’ borefest I decided NO WHITE MALE BANDS for this installment.

2Pac, ‘Me Against The World’.

As the album opener indicates, Makaveli got shot (non-fatally) prior to this album, yet checked himself out of the hospital and ended up with this album. Perhaps a few more days in hospital would have allowed him more time for reflection: instead he appears to have reached the conclusion “nah I’m right, it’s everyone else who’s wrong!”. Musically, it’s big bass, squealing synths in the treble section and 2Pac’s gruff rapping in the low-middle end. I’m not sure if there’s still a Biggie/Tupac divide like Blur/Oasis, and it’s probably not an apples/apples comparison, but I prefer the Notorious BIG stuff I’ve heard to this offering from his rival.

Bob Marley and the Wailers, ‘Exodus’.

A pleasant surprise: a lot more varied than I was perhaps expecting with hits scattered throughout.

Joni Mitchell, ‘Blue’.

Often under-represented in the arrangement department (sparse solo piano or guitar), ‘Blue’ didn’t do too much for me. Sucks to be me I suppose – three more of her albums on this list.

Parliament, ‘Maggot Brain’.

Who says a funk band can’t play prog rock? The opener and title track of this album is, of all things, a 10-minute Gilmour-esque guitar solo from Eddie Hazell, possibly the Maggot Brain of the title. It sets a sombre mood which the rest of the album doesn’t quite overcome. I preferred the later, more fun ‘One Nation Under a Groove’. Although this album does have a song called ‘Whole Lot of BS’.